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Total Leader's Mind (TLM) White Paper

Based on Jibran’s in-depth research paper published in International Journal, JBLI is publishing the white paper with the title “Total Leader’s Mind (TLM), which discussed seven (7) mindsets of a leader and suggested a comprehensive framework. On this, Monday learn how leader’s can become effective and result-oriented through a combination of multiple mindsets? Download and read our latest white paper. Enjoy Reading.

Architectural Leadership Consulting

Leadership – as many people think of it – is not a filmy hero-ship where everything is under the control of films’ director and writer but it’s a name of vision, practicality, and hardships of real life, through which every great leader passes and does great things for the masses.


Jibran, in this book, is sharing a winning formula for stepping outside of the status quo of traditional leadership talks to do meaningful work. It’s this kind of work that will inspire others to follow, help you get desired results, and leave a legacy long after you’re gone. His forte is a bold advice, delivered with convincing rhetoric.”

Executive Leadership Coaching

When a leader faces a challenge and feels obstructed or blocked, the need for executive leadership coaching is observed. ELC, through its 5As Framework, helps the leaders to move through those challenges and even find opportunities in those challenges. This framework consists of Agreement, Analysis, Action Plan, Application, and Appraisal. It is a solution for both; the client and the coach towards their result achievement in a processed way.

Digital Transformation Leadership Consulting

It is the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution marked by Digitalization. Organizations now need a complete Digital Transformation to thrive in this world. DTLC Framework is based on the 5Ds process that includes; Diagnose, Direction, Design, Develop and Deploy. This framework is an applied solution to help organizations for their impactful digital transformation.

Strategic Planning Leadership Consulting

Strategic Planning is a process of recording and creating a business direction and streamlining its strategy while developing a collection of allocated resources to support it. It can be done through SPIVSA Framework for Strategic Planning. SPIVSA is an acronym for a sequential set of steps including, Scan, Purpose, Inspiration, Values, Strategy, and Aims. It helps in the strategic planning process by creating a detailed strategy paper resulting in the development of the right strategic path for any organization.

Family Business Leadership Consulting

Family-owned businesses become less feasible as they pass from one generation to another. Family business consultants must consider all dimensions of the family business including, family, ownership, and business. For this, FBLC Framework presents a four-step process which consists of Collection of Information, Case-Study Writing of the client organization, Constitution Development and Coaching for the Family Business Leaders. This framework will help Family-owned Businesses to retain and flourish in all generations.