Venture Planning Leadership
Consulting (VPLC)

What is Venture Planning Leadership Consulting?

Venture planning aims to guide leaders in creating their new business with the highest chance of success in a cutthroat industry. Venture Planning Leadership Consulting based on (IFP Framework) by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute is a comprehensive process to act as a planning partner for those business leaders who want to diversify into new businesses and need proper planning before their investments through equity or by involving financial institutions.

IFP Framework for Venture Planning Leadership Consulting

  • 1
    Idea Generation

    - Listen Client’s Mind & Heart
    (What Client Want do?)
    - Listen Market’s Mind & Heart
    (What are the needs in Market?)
    - Idea Options generated by Consultant based on both sides listening
    - Finalized the Idea for Feasibility Study

  • 2
    Feasibility Study

    - Market Feasibility
    - Technical Feasibility
    - Financial Feasibility

  • 3
    Plan Development

    - Strategic Plan
    - Marketing Plan
    - Operations/Supply Chain Plan
    - Human Resource Plan
    - Legal Plan
    - Financial Plan