Total Leader’s Mind (TLM) Coaching

What is Total Leader’s Mind (TLM) Coaching?

Total Leader’s Mind (TLM) coaching focuses on clients’ existing thinking patterns and transforms the minds to think as leaders. Psychometric Testing and one-on-one questions are the primary tools that TLM coaches use to understand the client’s mindset and to highlight restrictive thought patterns that block forward momentum toward goals as a business leader.
Total Leader’s Mind (TLM) is a term coined by Jibran Bashir in his internationally published research paper, which discussed the SEVEN mindsets of a leader, including Thinking Big, Positive, Creative, Systems Thinking, Adaptive, Emotional Agility, and Ethical. These mindsets are also interconnected, and their core is the Ethical Mindset.

SEVEN Mindsets of a Leader

  • 1
    Thinking big Mindset

    Thinking big Mindset of a leader helps in developing big missions, visions, and goals.

  • 2
    Positive Mindset

    Positive Mindset develops a hope to achieve the mission, vision, and goals in challenging times.

  • 3
    Creative Mindset

    Creative Mindset allows thinking out of the box to achieve the goals and support the leaders during problem-solving in tough times.

  • 4
    Systems Thinking Mindset

    Systems Thinking Mindset enables leaders to do strategic planning systematically, and further able to develop integrated systems that are linked to the strategy of the organization.

  • 5
    Adaptive Mindset

    Adaptive Mindset helps in achieving end goals while remaining flexible in thinking during the volatile and changing environment.

  • 6
    Emotional Agility Mindset

    Emotional Agility Mindset keeps the leaders mindful of what emotions are good and what emotions are bad for them while achieving the targets.

  • 7
    Ethical Mindset

    Ethical Mindset of a leader channelizes Thinking Big, Positive, Creative, Systems Thinking, Adaptive, and the Emotional Agility mindsets in the direction of ethics.