Startup Leadership Coaching (SLC) Startup Leadership Coaching (SLC) Startup Leadership Coaching (SLC)
What is Startup Leadership Coaching (SLC)?

Initiating a startup is not just about the know-how about business. It is not restricted to idea generation, product development, marketing, and financial risks. It requires an ideal entrepreneurial personality, a defined plan, the ability to face social risks, dealing with setbacks, and keep pushing along the way. 3Ps of Startup Leadership Coaching by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute focuses on the totality of the startup process, which helps the budding entrepreneurs to start their business confidently.

Personality Development

1. Personality Awareness
2. Channelizing Personality as Entrepreneur
3. Thinking BIG Exercises

Plan Development

Business Model and Plan Development Coaching

Pressure Handling

Coach Entrepreneur to face challenges during the first year of business

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