5As Process-Based Performance Leadership Coaching Solution-JBLI

What is Performance Leadership Coaching (PLC)?

Team members work under the leadership of top executives are the main organs of any organization. If organs will not perform organization will not perform and vice versa. The team must perform well is a topmost wish of all business leaders, and for this purpose, they develop multiple performance management systems in organizations. But we must remember that Performance Management is only the mind part of management, and organizations must need its heart as well, which is known as Performance Leadership. It is the name of leaders’ empathetic and genuine involvement to help team members for their performance enhancement through coaching. The 5As process-based Performance Leadership Coaching solution by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute on behalf of business leaders is a way to support professional team members to improve their performance for thriving in their operating environment.

5As process of Performance Leadership Coaching


 2Cs based agreement between Coach and Client’s staff
1. Confidentiality by Coach
2. Commitment by Coachee


One-on-One Interview to analyze current Performance Challenges on Job

Action Plan

Set SMART Coaching Goals based on Analysis


Multiple Coaching Sessions


Performance Review

Ask for a meeting
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