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What is Cryptocurrency?

A digital currency that operates in a decentralized manner and uses encryption. No central bank or government regulates this currency. Cryptocurrencies are secure because of the transactions on a Blockchain. Cryptocurrency holders use private keys to verify that they are owners of their cryptocurrency.

A true Leader, Philanthropist and real Architect of Humanity-Bilquis Edhi

Mohtarma Bilquis Edhi was born in 1947 in Karachi. She was the co-chair of the Edhi foundation, a charity organization that provided many services in Pakistan including emergency services and hospitals in Karachi. She was the wife of Abdul Sitar Edhi. She was a professional nurse, social worker, humanitarian and an active philanthropist in Pakistan. She was known as Mother of Pakistan.

Leadership, Creativity & Innovation

To stay on the cutting edge of competition in today’s period of constant dynamic business changes including developments and innovations, any firm that desires to flourish must maintain innovation and a creative culture. Employee, team, corporate creativity and innovation, are all influenced by leadership. While culture, strategy, technology, and other management tools are vital in creating business effectiveness, many industries rely on creativity and innovation to succeed. Leaders must, however, actively employ tactics that support innovation in order to flourish a business.

Be a Head-Heart-Hands “Whole” Leader

Leading with your head means more focused-on business objectives and getting things done. Whereas leading with heart means more focused on people engagement, motivation, and relationships. More over leading with hands means, to ensure innovative and agile-execution capabilities. Every approach has some benefits and pitfalls.  Today’s business environment is constantly changing and there are multiple highly complex challenges. So neither approach is sufficient in itself. Rather, all of these are equally needed to make real headway in increasing employee engagement and leadership.

“When you react, you let others control you. When you respond, you are in control.”
– Bohdi Sander

Leadership is the process of leading others to achieve a goal. To get a better outcome, leaders need to understand themselves and their employees through emotional intelligence.
Feelings, moods and emotions play an important role in the leadership process. The intelligent use of those emotions can be beneficial for effective leadership. Leaders with high emotional control are perceived as more efficient by the followers.
Emotions in leadership are not something to be feared. Emotions are what make us human, so we shouldn’t try to turn them off or suppress them. However, as leaders, people are always looking at us, seeing how we respond to challenges & to show restraint and make good decisions even when under stress.


As we know from chaos to inertia, indecisiveness to arguments we need leadership in every aspect of life. Just as good leadership can result in a productive & successful team, same as a good couple leadership can result in a happy, successful & romantic partnership.

We have a culture where one partner (male) dominates in the marriage, assumes that his personal goals are on priority in the marriage. He wants to fold their wife’s energy and abilities into the pursuit of those goals, instead of making it a priority to pursue her heart and draw out her own unique goals & destiny. This pattern of living mostly destroys and disturbed the relationship because one person is only following the other one with no clear sense of goals of her own.

“Leadership is about mobilizing people toward valued goals, building trust and inspiring them to move with you to a better future. It starts with identifying a compelling vision of a shared future, rooted in core values. Leaders do that in organizations of all kinds, including families”.

Your family is one of the most important organizations in the world that pursues some collective goals, controls its own performance and has a boundary separating it from environment. Your family needs leadership so just take a leadership role in your family and become more effective and successful as a parent leader.

Cryptocurrency-an Awareness for Business Leaders

The first idea of Digital currency came into mind in 1980s in the Netherlands & United states which was a total flop. The first digital currency was “Digicash” which was failed in 1990s. Modern digital currencies found in 1998 by “Wei Dei”.

  • In 2008 October, “Satoshi Nakamoto” (mysterious person or a group) release a white paper that explains the foundations of Bitcoin & Blockchain.
  • In 2009 January, first digital currency transaction was performed by “Satoshi Nakamoto” and “Hal Finney”
  • In 2009 October, The first exchange was opened to buy and sell digital currencies.
  • In 2010 February, users negotiated the first Bitcoin transactions informally via online forums. At that time, the price of Bitcoin was 0008$ to 0.08$.

A New World of Growth for Business Leaders

We are facing many diverse and fascinating challenges regarding growth of the businesses & digitalization. It is important to understand that how to shape the new technology revolution to create more Business Models. The speed and measure of the changes coming about by the fourth industrial revolution are not to be ignored. These changes will bring about shifts in power, shifts in wealth, and knowledge.
We are already witnessing intense shifts across all industries, marked by the reshaping of traditional business strategies, structures & production systems, change of competitive advantage, the emergence of new Business models, transportation, delivery systems, and consumptions.
Digital Revolution is leading paradigm shifts in business, society, economy & individually. It is not changing the “how” and “what” of doing things but also “who” we’re.

Family Business Leadership Consulting (FBLC)

As the name suggests, a family business is an organization comprising multiple generations of a family; who may or may not be related by blood (related due to adoption or marriage). It is the oldest yet the most common model of organization. According to statistics from the Family Firm Institute, family business companies represent two-thirds of all the businesses around the world. Furthermore, they generate 70% of the annual global GDP. Rarely it happens that there appear to be no pitfalls and drawbacks in a system. So is with the family business. According to the statistics, 30% of the family businesses remain feasible once transferred to the second generation, and this decreases to only 3% once it reaches the fourth generation. This degeneration due to generations threatens the survival of family-owned businesses. There is a need to address this problem and work proactively towards resolving these issues for the smooth functioning of family businesses.

Strategic Planning Leadership Consulting

Strategic Planning Leadership Consulting

All organizations require a roadmap to attain their short and long-term goals, know where it is going and where it wants to go, and work proactively while increasing the productivity and operational efficiency of the firm. Strategic planning is no doubt one of the major cornerstones for the success of a business. Despite being the most important factor for setting the direction, many C-Suit Professionals and Line Managers do not understand the strategic planning process well. Strategic Planning is the crucial process that takes place, in an organization where the business direction is identified, the strategies are aligned and streamlined with the organizational goals.

Digital Transformation Leadership Consulting Framework

The world has entered into the digital era called the 4th Industrial Revolution after the Covid-19 pandemic. According to CIO Magazine, digital transformation is a catchall term for describing the implementation of new technologies, talent, and processes to improve business operations and satisfy customers which have taken on heightened importance during the COVID-19 pandemic. The need for Digital Transformation in the organization has arrived due to continuously emerging innovations and Covid-19. Organizations need to upgrade their technology tools and undergo an effective digital transformation along with the company-wide transformation of mindset. 

Architectural Leadership Consulting Framework (ALC)

According to a research article, ‘Architectural Leadership Creating a Value-Enhancing Infrastructure’ the word Architectural Leadership means a leadership approach that focuses on the design, implementation, and enhancement of organizational processes and structures. Based on this concept, Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute developed and introduced the Architectural Leadership Consulting Framework in the corporate world. It has been and is still being applied at various organizations of Pakistan by the consultants of Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute. It serves as the most appropriate and applicable solution to organizational issues to date. It constitutes of 6Ps and 4Ds process approach. 

The Concept of IRL

On 14th August every year, we celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan. It is to commemorate the efforts of our great leaders who risked everything to get an independent country where everyone is free to pursue their dreams, propagate and practice their religions, etc. However, just remembering them, being inspired by their efforts, and living in the past will do nothing. As Pakistanis, we need to learn the lessons from the great leaders of the past and become great leaders of the present and future.

World Youth Skills Day: Re-imagining Youth Skills Post-Pandemic

World Youth Skills Day has been celebrated every year since 2014, when United Nations General Assembly specified 15th July for it. This day reminds us of the strategic importance of skills development and how it empowers the youth and makes them capable of thriving in this uncertain environment. These skills are also required to promote equitable, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth and environmental sustainability. It is because we cannot reach sustainable development goals without investing in these youth skills.

Relationships Should Become More Interdependent

Everyone craves Independence in the twenty-first century; all genders want to declare change. But, if being independent is indeed good, I have a question for everyone: Is every independent person on this earth happy in all aspects of their lives? Are you sure that Independence is the solution to the problems our forefathers faced?


By 2020, there is no uncertainty that we will have entered a VUCA world. The term was coined by the United States military and has since expanded throughout the industry and popular culture. Since then, several businesses and other organizations have used the VUCA concept to shape their leadership and strategy. It is defined by the letters V, U, C, and A. V means vision, U means understanding, C means courage, and A means adaptability.

Real Concept Of Women Leadership For Gen Z Woman.

No matter who is at the top, men lead the world. Women’s rights have been a topic of discussion since the early 1900s and continue to be so today. The new digital revolution made its entrance into the world, and the world became a land of continuous digital technology. Generation Z (Born in 1996 – 2010) is predicted to be the best of the modern period. Gen Z females are smarter and more technologically savvy than the majority of generations.

Effective Guideline To Lead Employees

Different Organizations handle their staff differently. At times, it’s almost impossible to comprehend another person or group of people because nobody’s behavior works for anyone. It usually produces reduced productivity and increases aggression. Seniority must solve discipline and performance issues by collaborating with troublesome co-workers. We cannot always bring the fantasy team with us. The best way is to collaborate with all employee types effectively to lead.

Are You a Dark Leader?

In Our Minds, the idea of leader is quite confused; there are different leadership styles but most of the time, we idealized good leaders as brave, motivational, empowering, communicator, problem solver, revolutionary, transformational, genuine and ethical. But what we fail to recognise is that if only these characteristics are present in leaders then why is destruction occurring under the supervision of a few rulers?

6Ps of JBLI

Millions of new businesses are being created every day; however, failure rates in businesses are higher than those in the successes. It is not rare for companies to go bankrupt owing to financial problems, various start-up also fail when they invest extravagantly. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as reported by Fundera, nearly 70% of new ventures failed throughout every decade. Regrettably, the absence of a successful organizational development process is the one of the major reason businesses struggle to flourish.


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