In Our Minds, the idea of leader is quite confused; there are different leadership styles but most of the time, we idealized good leaders as brave, motivational, empowering, communicator, problem solver, revolutionary, transformational, genuine and ethical. But what we fail to recognise is that if only these characteristics are present in leaders then why is destruction occurring under the supervision of a few rulers?

6Ps of JBLI

Millions of new businesses are being created every day; however, failure rates in businesses are higher than those in the successes. It is not rare for companies to go bankrupt owing to financial problems, various start-up also fail when they invest extravagantly. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as reported by Fundera, nearly 70% of new ventures failed throughout every decade. Regrettably, the absence of a successful organizational development process is the one of the major reason businesses struggle to flourish.