Meet Jibran Bashir - Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute

Meet Jibran Bashir

Jibran Bashir is a Business Consultant, Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer, Speaker, and Author. He is a Self-Made and Intellectual Entrepreneur of Pakistan. He believes that in the era of both Knowledge and Digital Economies, the creation of solutions-oriented service sector ventures, which can add value to other businesses, professionals, and individuals’ lives, is immensely significant. Therefore, his entrepreneurial initiatives always move around, adding value to clients. After serving several years in the industry as a professional, in 2008, Jibran started his journey of entrepreneurship by founding Highly Keen Management Institute and proved it a successful management consulting and training organization. And after its 12 years of operations in 2020, he founded another organization with his name “Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute” to operate nationally and internationally because he realized that the whole globe turned into a “VUCA World” due to the 4th Industrial Revolution and the “Leadership” is the only solution to face it.

According to Jibran Bashir

“The 4th Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) is challenging every aspect of our society, the businesses, professions, and social models, so no clear vision and no clear leadership will lead us nowhere. The organizations, professionals, and individuals can only survive, revive, and thrive in this challenging environment if they have leadership potential and can practically perform as a leader.”