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What is MILAP?

MILAP “Managing Industrial Linkage with Academia Program” by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute is the most vital initiative for developing Industries and Universities connectivity with each other for research, innovation, practical education, and for young leadership development purposes.

“Under the umbrella of MILAP, the following are the major activities institute is going to initiate in the year 2022:”

International Journal of Business and Organizational Leadership
1: International Journal of Business and Organizational Leadership (IJBOL)

International Journal of Business and Organizational Leadership by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute is dedicated to innovative and practical research concerning Business Management and Organizational Leadership.

Topics covered by the journal under the business management domain include Strategic Planning, Marketing Management, Brand Management, Supply Chain and Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Organization Development, and the 4th Industrial Revolution. The domains under Organizational Leadership will be Personal Leadership, People Leadership, Process Leadership, and Pandemic Leadership.

“The exact purpose of this journal is to promote innovative and practical research that can create new applied knowledge to continuously update the strategic, functional, and leadership practices of the organizations.”

This journal will invite scholars, consultants, coaches, practicing managers, executives, and administrators, as well as those numerous university faculty members across the world who teach business and leadership to write and submit their papers.

It provides well-timed publication of research papers with an online global reach.

2: Store of Video Case Studies (SVCS)

“Store of Video Case Studies is a unique and innovative learning solution for Business & Leadership students at University level.”

Till date professors teaches and students analyses the written case studies of corporate world all over the world. This is an initiative of Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute to start a “Store of Video Case Studies” covers the topics related to Business Management and Organizational Leadership . Cases will be originally developed by business consultants at JBLI and will also convert written case studies into video version of other leading universities worldwide, focusing on real time business problems and leadership challenges.

“This Initiative of Video Based Case Study is significant in learning because video case study, rather than a plain text version, is more likely to make students engage of gen Z and through they can learn and analyze more in a speedier manner.”

3: Research and Innovation Services (RIS)

“Research and Innovation Services (RIS) bridge between our industry clients and academia to develop new products and work processes for businesses to uplift the economy of the country.”

RIS will act as the Research & Development (R&D) Department of the business organizations because usually, the Corporate Sector of Pakistan does not have their internal R&D, we will facilitate R&D in the Corporate Sector through the support of professors, experts, students, and scholars of different Universities.

Moreover, through RIS our client’s organization can build strategic research alliances with universities and their mutual interests bring together both domestic and foreign knowledge to achieve Innovation.

4: Leadership Scholars Program (LSP)

“The Leadership Scholars Program is a unique leadership development program designed by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute to allow students to learn, engage with leadership concepts, and apply them in personal and upcoming professional life.”

The context and philosophy of the program are based on knowledge and its application to broaden students’ perspectives about leadership.

This is accomplished by approaching the concept of leadership in a variety of settings in the classroom, on the practice field, and in the communities beyond campus borders. Leadership Scholars will participate in engaging classes, interact with leadership challenges off-campus, and also develop relationships with their peers in the program, all with the intent of further developing their natural abilities to lead and to serve.

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