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What is Life Leadership Coaching (LLC)?

Usually, leadership considers as leading others through giving direction, delegation, and motivation. But what if the person leads him/herself first? What if we take the lead of our own lives?  The answer is that an effective leader is one who can lead his/her own life to make it successful.  Life Leadership Coaching based on ASGI Framework by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute is the most practical solution for all those who want to lead their own life for getting success in personal and professional lives.

“ASGI” Framework of Life Leadership Coaching

ASGI focused Life Leadership coaching is a step by step process, in which the coach will help you at following four different stages;


1. Personality Awareness through Psychometric Testing
2. Strong Interest Inventory Testing
3. SWOT Analysis
4. Personal Values Identification


Develop Life Mission (Purpose) & Vision (Dream) Statements


Set Learning, Internal, Financial, External (L.I.F.E) Goals


Day to day activities linkage with L.I.F.E Goals (Strategic Time Management)

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