Leadership Succession & Development Program (LSDP)

What is Leadership Succession & Development Program (LSDP)?

It is best when leaders are grown, not imported, and the leadership function as a whole will never grow stronger and deeper if an organization only invests in replacement as opposed to development. So, a leadership succession should combine with leadership development well before a replacement is needed. Leadership Succession and Development Program (LSDP) by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute is a name of proactive succession planning and development of new leaders not just at the top but for major roles at all levels. It helps the organizations to prepare high-potential leaders for all future leadership needs and contingencies. LSDP is based on the applied “Seven Steps” process and will also ensure the employer and employee engagement in the whole process through two-way communication, coordination, and commitment at every stage.

Seven Steps Process of LSDP

  • 1

    Set Targets of Leadership Succession and Development Program
    (What Organization want to achieve?)

  • 2

    Identify Critical Roles at every level of Organization

  • 3

    Build Detailed Profiles of Critical Roles

  • 4

    Nominate Successors for Critical Roles

  • 5

    Run Leadership Development Need Assessments (LDNA)

  • 6

    Customized Leadership Development Program (Learning & Coaching Sessions)

  • 7

    Measuring the targets of Leadership Succession and Development Program