``Leadership Sense`` is an exclusive YouTube Channel initiated by the research division of Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute.

“This channel's core mission is to act as the source of Leadership Sense”

“Leadership Sense is the understanding of an individual regarding the concepts of leader and leadership. It is the know-how of traits, knowledge, skills, and thinking required to become a leader. Further, it is considered as the continuous learning of Country Leadership, Business Leadership, Family Leadership and Personal Leadership. Leadership Sense is essential for leaders, leaders of tomorrow, and people who follow any leader.”

(Jibran Bashir:2023)

Channel Video Areas

The videos on this channel are based on the 4Is
(Information, Improvement, Innovation, and Inspiration).
  • 1

    International news related to economy and their impact on Pakistan, current news of local and international businesses, and any other useful information related to Country Leadership and Business Leadership

  • 2

    Country Leadership and Business Leadership related knowledge and suggested reforms for the improvement of country and businesses

  • 3

    New researches and innovations in country governance and business management

  • 4

    Inspire audience by sharing real stories of successful reforms in various countries and by discussing the case studies of successful businesses and their business leaders