Leadership Scholar Program (LSP) - Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute

What is Leadership Scholars Program (LSP)?

The Leadership Scholars Program is a unique leadership development program designed by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute to allow students to learn, engage with leadership concepts, and apply them in everyday life. The context and philosophy of the program are based on knowledge and its application to broaden students’ perspectives about leadership.

This is accomplished by approaching the concept of leadership in a variety of settings in the classroom, on the practice field, and in the communities beyond campus borders. Leadership Scholars will participate in engaging classes, interact with leadership challenges off-campus, and also develop relationships with their peers in the program, all with the intent of further developing their natural abilities to lead and to serve.

Leadership Insights (Classroom Sessions)

1. Leader & Leadership
2. Basic Traits of Leadership
3. Myths about Leadership
4. Personality for Leadership
5. Motivational Driver of a Leader
6. Emotional Intelligence

Life and Leadership (Classroom Session)

1. Student Life and Leadership
2. Job Life and Leadership
3. Business Life and Leadership
4. Family Life and Leadership
5. Total Life Leadership

On-Campus Leadership (Non-Classroom Session)

Leadership Exercises at School/College/University

Off-Campus Leadership (Non-Classroom Session)

Leadership Exercises outside School/College/University

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