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What is Knowledge Leadership Consulting (KLC)?

Brains of experienced and old employees of many organizations are the stores of Customized Implicit Knowledge. But when they retire or leave the organization, they not only go with their selves, even so with the knowledge they have. On the other hand, many organizations need new knowledge in different departments to remain competitive in the market. Therefore, to convert required implicit knowledge into explicit one and for developing new knowledge for an organization’s competitive advantage, the knowledge leadership process is vital in organizations. Knowledge Leadership Consulting (KLC) by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute is an especially designed 7As process to fulfill the client’s hardcore knowledge requirements.

7As of KLC Process


1. Organizational Knowledge SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
2. Implicit Knowledge Identification
3. Knowledge Need Analysis


Develop Financial and Non-Financial Performance Goals achieved through Knowledge Leadership Initiative/s


1. Convert Implicit Knowledge into Explicit Knowledge
2. Create a New Customized Knowledge as per Organizational Need/s


Develop and Conduct Knowledge Assimilation Program/s (KAP)


Develop Knowledge Access Platform for Employees


1. Develop Application Method to use the New Knowledge
2. Craft KPIs of Employees regarding the Application of New Knowledge


Measure Financial and Non-Financial Impacts of Knowledge Management Initiative/s after a defined period.

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