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Mr. Omer Butt Young Operations Leader at one of the finest retail brand of Pakistan, met Mr. Jibran Bashir to discuss leadership training needs in retail business.
Brand Leadership Consulting meeting with client’s Director and Senior Management to launch a new brand of FMCG product soon in Pakistan.
Startup Leadership Coaching

Startup Leadership Coaching of Client is on the go by Faheem Ahmed. Chief Leadership Officer book presented for Leadership development at the end of the session.
Initiating a startup is not just about the know-how about business. It requires an ideal entrepreneurial personality, a defined plan, the ability to face social risks, dealing with setbacks, and keep pushing along the way. Startup leadership coaching at jibran Bashir Leadership Institute is based on the 3Ps framework.

• Personality development
• Plan Development
• Pressure Handling


“At JIbran Bashir Leadership Institute we are one Family.”
Team of Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute usually spends Sundays together for Great Bonding and Memories.


Jibran Bashir’s power talk on “Lead to Innovate” at the event ‘Skills for Life arranged by PNY Training and Growth Ventures. As a Guest Speaker Mr. Jibran Bashir talked about VUCA World, 4IR, VUCA Leadership and Innovation for export of services from Pakistan to all over the world. He encouraged audience to think out of the box and come up with Innovative service oriented businesses.


The premium 3 months Learning Program “Global Organizational Leadership Development Program” GOLD-P based on 4 levels of Leadership (Personal, People, Process and Pandemic) just begun as inhouse program for client’s senior management.
Group Executive Leadership Coaching sessions of DIN Group Chairperson, CEO and other Directors by Jibran Bashir are on the go. Family Business Leadership, VUCA Leadership, Digital Transformation Leadership covered so far during coaching and many sessions are yet to come for developing renowned business leaders of Pakistan.
Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute and Chain Store Association of Pakistan combinedly organized the One Day Training Session ” Retail Store Leadership ” for Outlet Managers on 9th January, 2021. 110 participants from more than 20 renowned retail brands joined the training session and learned the Art of Leadership in context retailing from Leadership Guru Mr. Jibran Bashir.
It is lovely to share the happening’s in the Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute.
Mr. Qamar Aftab – Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Usman Aftab – Director, and Mr. Ahsan Rasheed – Chief Financial Officer from IMAGE ELO visited Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute. Mr. Jibran Bashir founder of the institute delivering a session on Family Business Leadership. As per our norm “Chief Leadership Office” book presented to all our guests.
Inhouse Family Business Leadership session of Mr. Jibran Bashir for Mr. SM Muneer Family (One of the biggest Business Family of Pakistan)
Strategic planning session at Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute.
Mr. Jibran Bashir delivering a “Strategic Planning Session” to one of the front line Pret fashion retail organization. “Chief Leadership Officer” book presented at the end of the session to directors of the organization. (Date: Jan.18, 2021)
Mr. Mehr Ali Khawaja Executive Director of Mehmood Group visited Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute. Mr. Jibran Bashir delivered a session on Feasibility Report of the socks unit in Pakistan. At the end of the session, “Chief Leadership Officer” Book presented by Mr. Jibran Bashir to Mr. Mehr Ali Khawaja    Date: Jan. 13, 2021
Strategic Planning Leadership by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute
Balanced Scorecard Development Sessions concluded on 07 January 2021 at client’s premises.
Consultants on wheels
Going to sign another project of Architectural Leadership Consulting (ALC)
Strategic planning sessions with BOSS group of companies.
Date: Dec. 21, 2020
Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute signed its consulting services agreement with the BOSS Group of companies. On the signing day of the contract, Mr. Jibran Bashir presented his book “Chief Leadership Officer” to Mr. Azam Mughal, Chairman (Boss Pakistan).
Date: Dec. 11, 2020
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