Human Capital Leadership Consulting (HCLC)

What is Human Capital Leadership Consulting?

It is imperative to align the organization’s human resources with its strategic objectives by fostering a productive and engaged workforce that contributes effectively to its success. Human Capital Leadership Consulting of Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute focuses on optimizing the human capital within an organization to achieve organizational goals in a structured and disciplined manner. Jibran’s 3Ds framework of Human Capital Leadership Consulting ensures that organizational structures and HR policies are developed in a way that fully supports the organization’s strategic plans.

3Ds framework of Human Capital Leadership Consulting



– Align HR Functional Strategy with Business Strategy of the Organization
– Develop Balanced Scorecard (Organizational Financial & Non-Financial Goals) of the Organization
– Extract HR Scorecard from the Balanced Scorecard



– Build Organizational Reporting Structures
– Define Organizational Grading Structure
– Craft Job Descriptions and Key Results Areas (KRAs) of all positions mentioned in Reporting Structure
– Job Evaluations of all Job Descriptions



– Develop HR Policy Manual (Policies and Procedures of Recruitment & Selection, Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, Training & Development and Employee Relations)
– Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of all Positions connected with Balanced Scorecard

What is the Process of HCLC?

HCLC is a three Ds (4Ds) steps process
  • 1

    Identify Problems and their Roots Causes by using 3Ds Framework

  • 2

    Develop 3Ds for Organization

  • 3

    Implement 3Ds through Change Management

  • 4
    Deviation Checks

    Quarterly Audits of Implemented 3Ds