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What is Family Leadership Coaching (FLC)?

Couples or Nuclear Family members sometimes face serious challenges in their relationships. Couples either do love marriages or arranged, not adjust with each other due to multiple reasons. Further, in many nuclear families, parents are not able to create positive impacts on their children’s lives due to a lack of parenting skills. So, this is important for couples to have a family leadership acumen to become successful spouses and parents. For this purpose, Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute introduced a Family Leadership Coaching Framework with the name of CARE for couples and families to solve their life issues and put their selves on the track of family leadership.

CARE Framework

CARE is an abbreviation of Compassion, Awareness, RoadMap, and Enable. Couples and nuclear families can get help from our CARE Framework for their Family Leadership Coaching needs.


Coach will assist the client to understand the suffering of the spouse or children.


Coach will support the client to know about the personality, values, and multiple needs of spouse or children


Coach assists the client to set realistic goals to solve family problems.


Finally, Coach enables the client through motivation and direction to achieve their set targets

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