Family Business Leadership Consulting (FBLC)

What is Family Business Leadership Consulting?

Research indicates that only 30% of family businesses survive in the second generation; in the third generation, only 12% still be feasible, and only 3% of all family businesses operate at the fourth-generation level and beyond. These numbers show that the challenges regarding family businesses’ survival are getting complicated day by day due to the increasing size of a family, which heavily affects the dynamics of Family-Owned Businesses (FOBs). Family Business Leadership Consulting (FBLC) by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute not just focuses on the business but a family business system, which involves taking into account the three dimensions 1) family, 2)ownership, 3)business, and how they interrelate. FBLC is based on Jibran’s defined 4Cs experiential process, which he developed and used by himself and his team of consultants during multiple consulting assignments for FOBs.

4Cs Process of FBLC

  • 1
    Collection of the

    Assess the issues in family, its ownership and business

  • 2

    Present case of Family and Family Business issues to all family business leaders.

  • 3

    - Form a Family Task Force for Family Constitution Development
    - Start and Execute the Process of Family Constitution
    - Produce a Detailed Document of the Family Constitution

  • 4
    Communicate the

    Communicate the Family Constitution to Family Member