Executive Leadership Coaching (ELC)

What is Executive Leadership Coaching (ELC)?

Top executives of organizations are always at the intersection of two highways: road #1, developing leadership capacity, and road #2, achieving business results. When executive leadership coaching concentrates on this juncture, organizations enjoy a two-for-one deal: executives are developing while driving for results. Thus, the 5As process-based Executive Leadership Coaching by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute is the best solution for top executives to achieve their desired business results while accomplishing their leadership development goals in the utmost integrative way.

5As process of Executive Leadership Coaching

  • 1

    3Cs based agreement between Coach and Client
    1. Confidentiality by Coach
    2. Commitment by Coachee
    3. Cost of Coaching

  • 2

    1. Psychometric Testing of Executive
    2. 360 Degree Feedback
    3. One-on-One Interview to assess current Challenges (Business or People Related)
    4. Job Analysis of Executive
    5. Live Meeting/s Analysis of client with his team & Other Stakeholders
    6. Loss Analysis
    7. Analysis Feedback

  • 3
    Action Plan

    1. Set SMART Coaching Goals based on Analysis
    2. Content Outline, Format, Coaching Methods and Timelines

  • 4

    Multiple Coaching Sessions (With Firmness & Compassionate Philosophy)

  • 5

    1. Evaluation of Client’s Leadership Capacity
    2. Evaluation of Business Results
    3. ROI of Coaching
    4. Feedback for Coach