Effective Board Leadership Consulting (EBLC)

What is Effective Board Leadership Consulting?

Effective board leadership is the board chair’s primary responsibility, yet even the most skilled leaders find it challenging. The conflicting interests of the company’s founders, CEO, shareholders, regulators, and other stakeholders can result in a storm of opposing opinions. Further, sometimes the board needs to be appropriately structured, or board members need to be more engaged in board meetings. In such situations, an organization needs an effective board leader. To fulfill this need for boards, Mr. Jibran Bashir (registered in the list of certified directors of the Pakistan Stock Exchange as a CERTIFIED DIRECTOR) facilitates the board leaders (specifically of family businesses) as a consultant to lead the boards effectively.

Jibran’s Effective Board Leadership Consulting methodology to enhance the board performance is following

  • 1
    Work on the Board System

    - Develop Board Governance Manual
    - Building the Board
    - Board Machinery Development

  • 2
    Work in the Board System

    - Pre-Board Meeting
    - During Board Meeting
    - After Board Meeting

  • 3
    Work for the Board System

    - Link Family Constitution with Board Management
    - Facilitate Strategic Planning Process as Strategy Consultant
    - Manage Conflicts of Directors outside board meetings