Brand Leadership Consulting (BLC)

What is Brand Leadership Consulting?

Many brands are just labels; either they belong to products or services. Because organizations neglect the objective of building a brand as an asset, they only focus on the sales operations for short-term financial gains. But in today’s competitive environment, brand planning is compulsory for devising the specific actions needed to enable the brand to attain financial and non-financial performance goals. Brand Leadership Consulting by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute is 11Cs based brand planning service to identify opportunities to grow and create value for the client’s brand.

  • 1

    Environmental Scanning of a Brand

  • 2

    Choose a Competitive Strategy on the basis of Circumstances

  • 3

    Define a brand’s Target Market on the basis of Competitive Strategy

  • 4

    Develop Brand Concepts (Positioning, Personality, Value Proposition & Elements)

  • 5

    Set challenging goals for brand

  • 6

    Plan product and services offered by brand

  • 7

    Set Pricing Strategy of a brand in context of competitive strategy and goals

  • 8

    Detailed brand distribution planning for its availability in market

  • 9

    Planning of Brand Message promotion on regular basis.

  • 10
    Concrete Proof

    Design physical evidence of brand (specifically if brand is related to services)

  • 11

    Clearly define the Structure, Processes, Job Descriptions and KPIs of Brand staff to give them clarity that how they will execute the brand leadership plan