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What is Brand Leadership Consulting (BLC)?

Many brands are just labels, either they belong to products or services. Because organizations neglect the objective of building a brand as an asset, they only focus on the sales operations for short-term financial gains. But in today’s competitive environment, brand planning is compulsory for devising the specific actions needed to enable the brand to attain brand financial and non-financial performance goals. Brand Leadership Consulting by Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute is 11Cs based brand planning service to identify opportunities to grow and create value for the client’s brand.


Environmental Scanning of a Brand


Choose a Competitive Strategy on the basis of Circumstances


Define a brand’s Target Market on the basis of Competitive Strategy


Develop Brand Concepts (Positioning, Personality, Value Proposition & Elements


Set challenging goals for brand


Plan product and services offered by brand


Set Pricing Strategy of a brand in context of competitive strategy and goals


Detailed brand distribution planning for its availability in market.


Planning of Brand Message promotion on regular basis.

Concrete Proof

Design physical evidence of brand (specifically if brand is related to services


Clearly define the Structure, Processes and Job Descriptions of Brand staff to give them clarity that how they will execute the brand leadership plan.

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