Are You A Dark Leader?

Are You a Dark Leader?


In Our Minds, the idea of leader is quite confused; there are different leadership styles but most of the time, we idealized good leaders as brave, motivational, empowering, communicator, problem solver, revolutionary, transformational, genuine and ethical. But what we fail to recognize is that if only these characteristics are present in leaders then why is destruction occurring under the supervision of a few rulers?


According to the analyses of Jibran Bashir’s Leadership Institute research and learning department head, Dua Shah, dark leadership  is a concept that refers to leadership act that involves personal or professional damage that includes 6 strong attributes. Let’s take a look on these attributes of dark leaders below.


Negative Thinker


They are a definite negative thinker, always worried, complaining, wanting publicity, sceptical, pessimist, energy sucker. Their behaviors are often gossiping, backstabbing, demotivating, mocking, accusing, interfering, scandalizing, argumentative. The reason for their negativity is that they are seen as cowardly characters.  Subconsciously, they have little to no confidence in any great force or influence capable of guiding them through life.  The ultimate trigger is a loss of self-awareness or inner exposure


Create problems


On the surface, it seems that they are attempting to fix the problem due to their involvement and investigative efforts, but in fact, they are the main culprit. By not addressing the root cause, they will focus on the effects of the problem and engage in any further arguments or decisions that linger on the matter, causing things to get worse. They are considered as opportunists who are looking for an opportunity to exploit such an event for their own personal or professional advantages while causing further trouble for others. If such individuals are not prevented, whether they are members of a family or an organization, that may result in a massive loss in the future.




They are obsessed with their own fabricated self and believe they will always be right. Not just that, but their beliefs are so mush established that even though they are proven wrong, they would reject in order not to smash their own false image that they have formed in their subconscious mind. If anyone gets in their way, they may go to whatever extent to damage them without any guilt. They consider themselves as a victim in their subconscious minds and wants to be rescued from this world.


People who enjoy self-image are those whose minds are always wandering. Parental upbringing that encourages them to spoil; competition push towards winning label; childhood neglect that places them in complexity; fear of being disowned; less awareness; less emotional maturity may be major causes for certain individuals to have extensive love for themselves.


Think Big For Themselves


Big thinking can be seen in among both positive and negative individuals but the difference is that dark leaders think big for only themselves. People with a negative mindset only think about I, me and myself because they believe that everything is permanent. They use their brain to produce negative energies by visualizing their fantasies in order to fulfil all of their worldly desires, which can only please them. They dream high about themselves, and as a result, they can destroy lives, firms, nations, and the whole world.


Belief Big For Themselves


It is said that if you desire anything, the whole universe will conspire to help you get it. It doesn't matter whether it's good or evil. So, once they think big for themselves, they believe to make it happen by living the life they want it desperately.  They begin to behave the way they like to see themselves in the future, therefore much of the time they act ridiculous or claim to be someone they are not; show off of life standards; unreasonable lies; one-sided arguments. The Universe responds to their strong belief and makes things possible for them.


Seek Powers


They seek and obtain powers in order to achieve a sense of superiority; they will impose authority and rule over the system and the lives of others. The term "power" may refer to many different of things: financial stability, an influential personality, a high position, being an expert, having extreme knowledge, or networking. If they accumulate many powers, they will have the power to function their lives however they wish and to control others as well. They are no longer subordinate to anyone because they have complete power of everything. Since they are assured of their power to move and succeed without hesitation, these individuals find security and freedom in their authenticity makes them feel empowered and strong.



Master Manipulator


Manipulators are those one who put mask on their faces and portray as well-wisher, they are more dangerous than having enemies. Manipulators will invade in system psychologically with tricks, attack on people’s beliefs to reshape the circumstances according to their desire. They have powers to freeze human's minds and weaken their ability to think by playing with people’s emotions. They invisibly control their family members, organizations, nations or world based on the role they perform in their lives. It is an experty that can trigger uncalculated damage. Most of the time, the damage is too late to be detected.


Destructive Outcome Of Dark Leader’s


Dark leaders are those who not only cause any loss, but also have such a drastic impact on roots that it can take longer to rebuild something in a new shape. Not just that, but their involvement is so destructive that even though they are no longer a member of the family, project, or society, their acts will have the most dangerous effects on people's brains for longer period of time. Such psychological victim will pass their negative energy to their families, and such families can transfer their energy to the next generation, this is the generation that will be responsible for environment and organizations in the future. Here as result, bad corporations and environment play a significant role in turning down the economy, with a direct effect on global affairs.





It is very important to understand the true concept of leadership in order to prevent collapse of organizations and to operate the system on a global scale. In terms of reducing the number of dark leaders in humanity, by identifying bad leadership qualities as discussed above, there are two options. The first approach will be to determine the infected beings through negative signs inside the families, educational institutions, private or government organizations. Prepare the practices that would assist them in reforming themselves. The second step can be to seize the cause of the birth of these dark rulers by creating social awareness campaigns through different digital mediums to spread awareness within the families.

Author: Dua Shah
Head of Research & Learning

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