Artificial Intelligence Transformation Leadership Consulting (AITLC)

What is Artificial Intelligence Transformation Leadership Consulting?

AI transformation is essential for organizations to stay relevant, competitive, and adaptive in an increasingly data-driven and technology-centric business landscape. It’s not just about implementing AI tools but also about fostering a culture that embraces innovation and leveraging AI’s potential to drive significant business outcomes. AI Transformation Leadership Consulting (AITLC) of Jibran Bashir Leadership Institute helps organizations navigate and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to transform their operations, strategies, and leadership approaches. It involves guiding companies through integrating AI into various aspects of their business to enhance organizational performance.

The AITCL process is based on Jibran's 5Ds Digital Transformation Leadership Consulting framework.

  • 1

    - Analysis of Current Technology used in Organization and need of Technologies
    - Analysis of Business Processes and Data Management
    - Analysis of People skills and knowledge regarding AI

  • 2

    - AI Strategy (Develop Organizational Mission & Vision regarding AI Transformation)
    - Goals (Set SMART Targets of AI Transformation)

  • 3

    - Define the Scope of Work in Detail
    - Craft Data Strategy
    - Suggest Technology Infrastructure

  • 4

    - Develop AI department and AI policies in Organization
    - Educate staff members on Artificial Intelligence

  • 5

    - Prepare the mindset of staff for the desired change
    - AI Technology Implementation Roll Out
    - Recognize Early Adopters as Change Champions